Peers Magazine is an online publication dedicated to providing news, features and comment on the hereditary peerage of the United Kingdom, both in glossy society news and as a journalistic authority on the past, present and future of this great institution of state.

In addition, its editorial stance is fixed firmly on the benefits to all of the hereditary principle in the House of Lords as the most reliable source of the wisdom, experience and sober reflection required of a revising chamber and which is – most importantly – independent of the Executive, the House of Commons and public opinion.


Peers Magazine was founded in August 2013 as the Friends of the Hereditary Peerage; a group dedicated to the defence of the hereditary element in the House of Lords.

Its aims were to provide a non-partisan forum for supporters of the hereditary peerage; to serve as a voice of opposition to the reduction or removal of hereditary peers from the House of Lords; and to educate and inform on the role of the hereditary peerage in the political and social fabric of the United Kingdom, past, present and future.

By its second year, however, it became clear the group’s editorial content on Facebook, particularly the popular ‘Sitting Peer Sunday’, was coming to the fore and that consequently the group’s political activities would need to form part of wider whole.

Its motto, “To keep together men who are prepared to fight questions to the¬†bitter end”¬†was taken from a letter written by the Duke of Northumberland to Lord Willoughby de Broke the day after the passage of the Parliament Bill through the House of Lords in 1911, and remains the sentiment of this publication.


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